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I'm Dominic. C# Developer, Student, Full-time-enthusiast. Welcome to my portfolio!
I've developed software since I was a child and I still do so. Currently, I'm working on nUpdate, a secure update system for .NET. You may contact me below.


I'm a developer, I'm an occasional, passionate traveler, and I like coffee. My name is Dominic, I'm 17 years old and I like creating useful and powerful software.

I've started my work in 2011 with VB.NET, then I fell in love with C# which I have been using up until now, and I've continued to learn since. Sometimes, I'm also playing around with C++, Java and Swift. I love what I do, and I do it fast and with a lot of careful planning. Of course, I'm also interested in other languages like HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.
Programming and creating nice software that is useful for everybody in a perfect way has always been great fun to me.
I spend a lot of my time in writing beautiful, efficient and concise code that is included into great applications and libraries.

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Absolutely. Any of this software can also be found via Google and mostly on GitHub. Feel free to look it up and play around.

nUpdate Administration nUpdate Administration nUpdate Administration


nUpdate is a modern update system for .NET-applications. Providing high security and a nice user interface, it's the perfect solution for your software. A lot of features and possibilities will let you control your updates packages easily and fast.
Also, it's OpenSource. :)



FlatProgress FlatProgress FlatProgress


FlatProgress is a simple .NET Library for extending ProgressBars in a more flexible way. Lots of color settings, animations and effects will support your user interface, even if you designed it in a completely different way. This library is available on GitHub.

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I got some. At least I think so. With a little hubris, this is what they look like:


VB.NET 80%


C# 85%


WinForms 90%


WPF 30%


C++ 20%

Of course, I keep learning. My skillset improves over time and I'm more productive at night. There are a lot of factors influencing my workflow and those stats are a mixed opinion of multiple people I'm working with.

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